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Whittier reaches 105 coronavirus cases

WHITTIER — The number of coronavirus cases in Whittier continues to climb, reaching 105 on Monday.

Health officials confirmed 900 new cases across L.A. County and 29 new deaths. Of those deaths, 25 victims were senior citizens.

Officials are also now tracking deaths among healthcare workers. Public health officials said 11 healthcare workers in L.A. County have died of Covid-19, with eight of those workers being employees of skilled nursing facilities.

“The increases in deaths represent our family members, friends and neighbors including front-line essential workers, who have passed away from Covid-19,” said Barbara Ferrer, public health director. “To all who are grieving, you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are so sorry for your loss.”

Coronavirus cases are also rising in unincorporated parts of the community. South Whittier has 60 cases, and unincorporated West Whittier and Los Nietos has 30. 

Unincorporated East Whittier has four cases and North Whittier has six.

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