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Whittier on the Move

Did you know that in addition to the great healthcare that you get at PIH Health Hospital Whittier, the Hospital and the City have a model “green” project? I say model because what we are doing together is very unique.

The Whittier landfill at the end of Penn Street produces a large amount of CH4 /Methane Gas which if not captured becomes a greenhouse gas, harmful to our environment. Landfills are the third largest source of human related methane emissions.

Flashback to 2004 and your City Council entered into an agreement with a private company to build a landfill gas (LFG) station where the LFG is collected at the flare station, prepared, pressurized and then transported through a ten-inch pipe down Penn Street, across Whittier Blvd. to PIH Health Hospital. There the gas is used to feed the internal combustion engines that produce electricity and steam heat for the operations of the Hospital. 

At a recent City Council meeting, we renegotiated all the contracts relating to providing this service and I am pleased to report that not only will we continue to work with all parties to make this happen, but we are upgrading our contracts to continue seeing this profitable ($140,000/year) and most importantly, “green” project happen in the best interests of our community.  

And have you been on the Greenway Trail lately, Whittier’s fabulous riding, running and walking trail? Great news! A lighting project from Hadley Street to 5-Points is now underway. The location of the lighting poles are being determined, with installation and completion by late September. We thank Majority Leader Ian Calderon for providing this wonderful upgrade to the GWP. And…keep your eyes peeled as we continue to move forward on the Greenway Trail East (GWT-East) extension to the Orange County line.

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