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Westboro protesters countered with messages of love, acceptance

WHITTIER — A group of protesters from Westboro Baptist Church gathered outside Whittier College on Monday morning where they protested against a student LGBTQ club. 


About 8-10 church members arrived at the intersection of Painter Avenue and Philadelphia Street at around 8:50 a.m., holding anti-gay and anti-abortion signs. Some of the signs read “Same-Sex Marriage Dooms Nations” and “You Hate Your Kids.” 


Westboro Baptist Church is a radical, Kansas-based church notorious for its use of inflammatory hate speech. The church stages protest around the country, including at military funerals. 


Whittier College officials advised students not to engage with the Westboro group. Instead, students held a peaceful rally on campus where they preached tolerance and acceptance. 


Other community members were more vocal in their counter protest, including Whittier resident Danette Antley. 


“I live too close to just stay home and not do anything,” Antley said. She made up a sign that read “Have a Nice Gay!”


Campus police officers monitored the protest but no arrests or altercations were reported.


The Westboro group left at 9:30 a.m., on their way to East L.A. College for a similar demonstration.

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