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Updates from Whittier’s mayor

WHITTIER – Took a little break the last two weeks…This week I wanted to provide some short updates to things going on in the community.

At the last Council meeting, the City Council approved an amendment to our zoning code regarding awnings on non-residential buildings. Although a city-wide ordinance, this primarily affects the businesses in Uptown.

For some time there has been a difference in how residential awnings are treated from non-residential/business awnings. If the awnings are residential there is a simple process of administrative review by staff and payment of $256 for staff time to make sure that the residential awnings are consistent and appropriate for the residential neighborhood. However, for business awnings, there is a fee of $2,519 with review by staff and then review and approval by the Design Review Board.

As you can imagine the cost and red tape doesn’t exactly incentivize business owners to clean up, change out, update their store front awnings. So the Council voted to conform the business awnings process with the residential awnings process with the hope that business owners will work to update the appearance of their business location and attract more customers. Looking forward to seeing some change and upgrades into new awnings!

Also at the last Council meeting we appointed Kyle Cason as Whittier’s new Public Works Director. Kyle has worked for the City of Whittier since 2010 and recently was the interim Public Works Director. Kyle is responsible for overseeing the various projects going on including the new Uptown Parking Structure, GWT East Expansion, infrastructure, the Central Library rehab and others. He’ll do a great job!

Speaking of the Library, upcoming will be the awarding of the contract for construction on the Central Library rehabilitation and upgrade. This is exciting news for us as we continue to move forward on this project that has taken so many years. Crossing my fingers, we will be under construction by the end of summer. Lots of logistics that have to take place between now and then.

The 2020 Census is coming. The City of Whittier is strongly supporting efforts to make sure that all people in our city are counted. There is going to be a meeting on Monday, January 27th at 9:00 am at the Whittier Police Department Emergency Operations Center in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. Any person who wants to be involved with community outreach or represents a local organization should plan on attending.

Everyone have a great weekend.

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