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South Whittier fourth-grader qualifies for L.A. County spelling bee

SOUTH WHITTIER – Carmela Elementary fourth grade student Devynn Riesgo has qualified to compete in the L.A. County Spelling Bee next year after winning a local competition.


The South Whittier School District held its first spelling bee at the district office on Tuesday, November 19.


The 20 participants competed to be the district’s top speller and the chance to represent South Whittier in the L.A. County Spelling Bee, which is scheduled for next March. 


Carmela, Lake Marie, Loma Vista, McKibben, and Monte Vista Elementary all held prior spelling bee events and the top four spellers from each of these schools participated in the district spelling bee.


Each participant in this event had the chance to spell a word in the first round with students being eliminated if their word was spelled incorrectly. After multiple rounds, it came down to the two top spellers: one fourth grade student from Carmela Elementary and another fourth-grade student from McKibben Elementary.


In the end, the first place winner of the district spelling bee was Carmela fourth-grader Devynn Riesgo.


After the event, district superintendent, Dr. Gary Gonzales congratulated all participating students for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance to get to this event. He also thanked parents and teachers saying, “Without each of you these students would not be here today.”


Each participant received a certificate of achievement for being a top speller in the district. Devynn received her certificate and a trophy.


Devynn will go on to represent South Whittier School District in competing against other top spellers from other school districts in March 2020 at the L.A. County Spelling Bee.

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