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Police supporters, protesters clash at car parade

WHITTIER — Five people were arrested Tuesday after protesters interrupted a vehicle parade honoring Whittier police officers.

Protesters, however, said they were targeted by police.

An estimated 800 cars lined up Tuesday evening to honor Whittier police officers when a few dozen protestors blocked the street.

Of those arrested, three were charged with misdemeanors for obstructing a police officer; one person received a felony charge for assault on a police officer, and the fifth person was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Heart of Whittier, a local group that organized the counter protest, said they were unfairly treated by police.

“Our event was met with a police barricade on Bright and Washington with police officers who were not allowing our speakers, organizers, or guests to enter our protest site,” the group posted on Instagram.

“Five protestors in total were arrested, four from Heart of Whittier and one from Whittier for Social Justice. Heart of Whittier protestors Jolie Savage and Christopher Bladen are Black and were victims of an extremely violent arrest caught on video here.

“Whittier Police Department has once again been exposed for their racism by conducting arrests so violent that the protestors’ wrists were bleeding, their bodies were bruised, and they will have lasting physical and mental trauma. We will be fighting for justice and viciously working to ensure that their case is won entirely.


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