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Pico Rivera opens testing site, hopes to test all residents

PICO RIVERA — Pico Rivera has partnered with a non-profit with the goal of testing every resident for COVID-19.

The City Council on April 28 approved a partnership with US to make testing available to all residents, including those not showing symptoms. Pico Rivera is only the second city in Southern California to offer to test every local resident.

Testing will be done at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena using FDA approved diagnostic tests from LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and Fulgent Genetics Laboratories.

“It’s been said time and again by the governor, Los Angeles County health officials, and medical experts from around the world, that communities cannot reopen on a broad scale unless and until there is a huge increase in the number of tests currently being administered for COVID-19,” said Pico Rivera Mayor Gustavo Camacho.

“This includes testing not only those who are sick, but testing everyone, especially asymptomatic carriers. We want to help our country and city get back to normal as much as possible and having the second test site that is available for asymptomatic people right here in the City of Pico Rivera is a giant leap forward we need. It is absolutely critical.”

Testing began May 12 and is by-appointment only. To schedule an appointment, residents should register online at

The city is prioritizing city and school district staff, essential workers, seniors and residents with pre-existing conditions. Pico Rivera is also offering free Dial-A-Ride service to and from the testing site for senior citizens.

Pico Rivera’s 63,000 residents is about 90 percent Latino which is a particularly vulnerable population as they are being infected and dying at much higher rates. The city also has one of the highest number of positive tests (261) in the San Gabriel Valley and has among the highest rates of infection on a per capita basis.

“During this pandemic, the City of Pico Rivera has moved swiftly to help residents endure these tough times, and will now further extend services and resources by opening a testing site in their city, adding a much needed resource in Southeast Los Angeles County,” said Assemblymember Cristina Garcia.

“I’m happy and thankful that, together, we will be able to ensure that people in Pico Rivera and the surrounding Southeast LA cities have increased access to testing and that more facilities and resources will continue to be extended in this area.”

Testing is also available to neighboring communities, including in Whittier.

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