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Monday update: Whittier reaches 71 coronavirus cases

WHITTIER — The number of confirmed corornavirus cases in Whitter reached 71 on Monday.

In South Whittier, 39 people have been infected with the virus, plus 21 in West Whittier and Los Nietos.

Nearly 1,500 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in L.A. County overnight. Health officials attributed the dramatic increase to a growing number of testing sites opening across the region.

“Today’s dramatic increase in case counts should not cause undue alarm,” health officials said. “As part of efforts to increase testing capacity in the county, many new labs responded to the emergency and are working with Public Health to ensure that they have the proper reporting systems in place. Until this reporting issue is resolved, there may be periodic increases in positive cases and total cases due to unevenness in daily reporting.”

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