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Mayor’s Column: Whittier kindness shines bright

I am so pleased with the way the people of Whittier are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. So many people are taking the situation seriously by being Safer at Home. And when people venture out for grocery items, etc. I see people wearing face masks and being socially distanced. But these next two weeks are critical so let’s keep up the good work!

I see many people going above and beyond to help other people, doing acts of kindness. And by now you have heard of #WHITTIERKINDNESS as we want to recognize those who are going out of their way to help. Please make sure to share your story and include #WHITTIERKINDNESS on all social media platforms.

And are you wearing your Whittier STRONG! button? Thanks to the Whittier Chamber of Commerce, you now have the opportunity to get your own Whittier STRONG! pin by shopping locally at one of our grocery markets or restaurants.

Participating markets so far include Vallarta, Trader Joe’s, Vons, Grocery Outlet, Stater Bros. and Ralph’s at Colima & Whittier Blvd. You may also receive a pin with your next takeout or delivery food purchase, so please wear it proudly as a reminder that together, we are Whittier STRONG!

And now for other news (yes other things are happening during Covid-19)… This coming Tuesday is a changing of the guard at Whittier City Council. New councilmember from the 1st District, Jessica Martinez, will take her seat (via telephone) alongside reelected 3rd District councilmember, Cathy Warner and myself.

We look forward to your newly reconstituted City Council working together collaboratively to deal not only with the ongoing coronavirus but to continue moving forward on the various initiatives happening around town during the pandemic.

However, I need to give a shout out to Josué Alvarado, councilmember of the 1st District, who is stepping down after four years.

I say thank you to Josué for his service, not only to the people of the 1st District but to all the people of Whittier. We agreed on many issues but also disagreed on a number of issues, in an agreeable manner. But on a number of matters, especially those financial, we found common ground. He would call me (and vice versa) and say, “You’re the Mayor and I just wanted you to know…”

I appreciated his nonpartisanship and attitude of “what is best for Whittier?” Josué, we will miss you.


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