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Mayor’s Column: Our plan to address homelessness in Whittier

WHITTIER – Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. This week I have a couple of short items of happenings in and around Whittier.

The people of Whittier are very concerned about homelessness and how it’s impacting our community including parks. The City Council has had a number of special meetings and is moving forward on a plan.

An important part of the plan is knowing exactly how many homeless we have, their roots in Whittier and other issues such as desire for shelter and a job, drug/alcohol addiction, mental health. Until we have these answers, it’s very difficult to carry out the plan.

So you should be aware that we have contracted with an agency, City Net, who is working with Whittier Police staff to do a one on one, in person census. That census is currently underway with a final report to be available in January so that we have the hard data to make decisions.

In holiday news, it is Christmas season and one of the fun new things you will see this year is the placement of lighted snowflakes on the Greenway Trail bridge over Whittier Blvd. The Whittier Community Foundation has stepped up, working hard on this project and the lights will be coming on shortly. Remember to check out those warm snowflakes on our cold winter nights…

And speaking of Christmas, I want to remind everyone that our traditional tree lighting, the Grand Illumination at Rick’s Burgers, will take place at 5:00 pm today.

On Saturday, the wonderful Whittier Uptown Sonata will be happening throughout Uptown with carriage rides and Christmas caroling, tomorrow starting at 5:00 pm.
Check it out and come have some fun!

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