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Mayor’s Column: 5/29/20

I’m always looking for items of interest that aren’t generally known to our Whittier residents. This week we have several interesting little tidbits…

Ever wonder how we pay for our water pipelines, pumping plants, etc.? We float bonds to pay for our infrastructure. With lower interest rates, we determined that we could save some long-term money by refunding outstanding water bonds. Recently the Whittier Utility Authority priced and sold Water Refunding Revenue Bonds in excellent market conditions. By doing the refunding, we will save over $2 million, about $115,600 per year…a smart move for our budget.

As you can imagine we have lots and lots of weeds in hillside areas that need to be removed for fire mitigation purposes. At Murphy Ranch Park, the Parks Division has contracted with a service provider to have approximately 200-400 goats clear the steep terrain of the park. The herd is monitored around the clock by a herder and herd dog. A small battery powered electric fence and the dog are used for protection and to keep the herd in place. We will start the clearing process on June 14 which will take approximately two weeks. A very natural weed abatement process!

As everyone should know by now, the City has reinstituted enforcement of parking in the preferential parking districts. For those in the districts there will be a self-service, one-day parking permit option which will be available online this summer for the residents in Districts 1 and 2. This is a new feature that will allow residents to process this City service from their home without having to physically go to City Hall to pick up their one-day permits.

Were you able to view the City’s Annual Memorial Day Remembrance? This year it was virtual (the first time we have done this) which meant lots of planning. I want to say thanks to our excellent City staff for a moving and thoughtful experience. For me, this day is one of the most important days of the year…we must never forget those who gave their lives for our freedom, our peace. It was important that the pandemic not stop us from remembering, and remembering well is what we did. Thank you Whittier, for remembering.

I want to thank everyone for doing their part during our Covid-19 crisis. Thanks for making sure you wear your mask and stay 6-foot socially distanced. I also want to encourage everyone to get outside and exercise. Remember to social distance and if you will be within 6-feet, you will need to wear your mask. Whittier STRONG!

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