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Ian Calderon won’t seek re-election in 2020

WHITTIER — Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon won’t seek re-election in 2020, citing a desire to spend more time with family. 


Calderon, 34, made the announcement on Twitter. He and his wife, Elise, have two children, with a third on the way. 


“I have thought a lot about what’s most important to me as a husband and a father, and how I can be the best partner and parent,” Calderon said in a prepared statement. “These are the two most important things in the world to me. As a result, and after much thought and consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking re-election to the State Assembly in 2020.


“Most wouldn’t argue with the fact that this job can be difficult for those with a family, especially those with a young and growing one. This is an important time for our family. We will soon have three children under the age of 3 and are excited to experience all that that entails. The one regret I’ve heard most from other parents I’ve asked is that they wished they had spent more time at home while their kids were young. This isn’t a regret I wish to share. 


“I’ve asked a lot of Elise, and without her support I never would have been able to serve as long as I have. I struggle trying to articulate how much I love and respect her for always understanding how important this job is and for helping and pushing me to be the representative the 57th Assembly District deserves. 


“This was a difficult decision. I have been so proud to represent my community in the Assembly and have so much respect and admiration for my colleagues. I look forward to a productive year ahead closing out my tenure as a member of the Legislature.”


Calderon was elected to the Assembly in 2012 and was just re-elected in 2018.

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