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Here are the 8 sculptures being considered for York Field

WHITTIER – Whittier’s York Field is set to receive a new public art installation but the question now is which sculpture to select.

Eight artists submitted proposals after the city began accepting bids last summer. The project has a total budget of $200,000.

Whittier’s Art in Public Places Advisory Committee will review the proposals at its meeting Wednesday afternoon. It will make a recommendation to the Cultural Arts Commission, which will then make its own recommendation to the City Council, which has the final say.

Below are the eight art pieces under consideration:


Roberto Delgado and Jose Calderon

BUDGET: $200,000

Jose Calderon (lead artist) and Roberto Delgado are proposing a series of sculptures in travertine and basalt native stone, along with a series of paver treatments.

The pavers will feature approximately 400 photosilkscreened images.

“Our design technique involves a process in which we visit to take photo studies, interview residents, and research historical archives,” the artists said.  



ARTIST: Jane DeDecker

BUDGET: $200,000

Jane DeDecker proposes a life-size composition depicting five children playing with a dog. The artwork is titled “Freedom” and is already 90% done, according to the artist.

It can also be customized to include baseball and/or softball equipment, such as caps or gloves.

“The proposed artwork speaks to healthy lifestyle, community connection, and discovery of nature,” DeDecker said.



ARTIST: Dan Glanz

BUDGET: $200,000

Dan Glanz is proposing three life-sized sculptures that depict a child playing frisbee with a dog, as a cat tries to intercept.

“The child will be sculpted gender-neutral and racially ambiguous for optimum inclusiveness of all visitors to the York Field Sports Complex,” Glanz said.

Titled “Leaps and Bounds,” the artwork “demonstrates the spirit and vitality that comes from our connection with our pets. It also sets the tone for visitors to the park; as one enters the grounds, they know this to be a place where all are welcome.”



ARTIST: Danny Haskew

BUDGET: $200,000

Danny Haskew’s proposal is comprised of three bronze and stainless steel sculptures: a young boy preparing to pitch, a female softball player on defense, and signage in the shape of three bats.

“Combined the pieces represents multiple ages and genders, speaking to a wide audience,” said Haskew.

The softball player sculpture measures 12 ft. tall, while the pitcher is 3 ½ ft. and the three bats 3 ft. tall.



ARTIST: Archie Held

BUDGET: $200,000

Archie Held’s proposal includes a 16-ft. long baseball bat as its centerpiece, as well as a 3-ft. baseball, a 4-ft. baseball glove and a 4-ft. baseball cap. The baseball bat will be stainless steel and everything else in bronze.

“This is not intended to be a climbing structure, but it will be strong enough to support adventurous explorers,” Held said.

Held also said he is willing to work with local middle schools or high schools to produce colorful panels that can be mounted to the park’s fence.



ARTIST: Karena Massengill

BUDGET: $200,000
Karena Massengill’s proposal did not include a rendering of her artwork but she said it comprise 5-7 historical figures “that have had an important influence on the cultural heritage of Whittier.”

The sculptures would feature “interactive motion, light, and color to celebrate figures out of fabricated 3/8” stainless steel with powder coating.”

“The inclusion of an indigenous person along with a reference to John Greenleaf Whittier will remind viewers of the original populations to inhabit Whittier,” Massengill said.



ARTIST: Alanna Roth

BUDGET: $181,764

Titled “Quality Time,” Alanna Roth’s proposal includes three bronze figures: one adult and two children. The children are dressed in baseball uniforms while the father is holding a baseball and carrying a bat.

“The scene depicts a family heading to the baseball field and enjoying some playful interaction along the way,” Roth said.

The sculptures would not require the removal of any trees, Roth added.



ARTIST: Wayne Salge

BUDGET: $200,000

Wayne Salge proposed a bronze sculpture that depicts a family outing of three children, two parents, a dog, and a cat.

“Sports are a community endeavor, and this proposal amplifies a similar message,” Salge said.

The sculpture is 6 ft. tall and would occupy about 39 ft.

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