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FAITH FORUM: Which political party did Jesus belong to?

Which political party does Jesus belong to?

Obviously He belongs to the party we belong to. For many of us, we cannot imagine anything else.

I have seen my brothers and sisters get worked up over the actions or platforms of another political party above anything else—except maybe the Second Amendment, which some people treat as seriously as Scripture.

But seriously, which political party does Jesus belong to?

The Republican or Libertarian parties and their emphasis on personal responsibility? The Democrats and their focus on equal outcomes? The Green party and their concern for creation?

What about this: Jesus does not belong to any political party.

Not one.

It’s amusing to hear people who normally don’t care for the things of Christ, or attend religious services of any kind, quote [read, misquote] the Bible to “prove” their point; or to prove why their party is morally superior to your party.

But Christ does not belong to any party. Or anyone.

If the story of the Bible is true—and I think it is for a variety of historical reasons—then it is we who belong to Him, and we should seriously consider if we are part of His party, The Kingdom of God; a kingdom of compassion and forgiveness. Which means the citizens of that kingdom, not our parties or government, who must live out the values of the Kingdom. A kingdom which is here now and not yet.

Live like a proper citizen of the Kingdom of God and gradually, but certainly, culture follows and everyone benefits.

Oscar Cesar Martinez is the retired pastor of Mosaic Whittier and Lector at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. He is the author of “It Was A Beautiful Day When My Father Died: On Fatherhood and Forgiveness,” available at

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