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Chrissy Teigen buys out South Whittier school’s wish list

SOUTH WHITTIER – Lake Marie Elementary’s Library Clerk, Sarah Hernandez, received all the school supplies on her Amazon wish list for Lake Marie’s library thanks to supermodel and celebrity Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen sent out a tweet on August 23 saying, “If you are a teacher in need of supplies for the upcoming school year, please drop your amazon wish list here, I will do as many as I can!”

Ms. Hernandez saw Teigen’s tweet and created a wish list for the school library.

“I made one for the library and wrote to her explaining how I would love to get more materials for our students who I feel deserve the world. I didn’t think I would be chosen because over 15,000 people wrote her.”

That following Tuesday, Lake Marie Elementary’s secretary called Ms. Hernandez asking if she ordered anything from Amazon because they received over five huge boxes. In the boxes there were books, new shelving, a personal laminator, seating for the students, decorations, posters, and furniture for the library that was worth over $1,000 in merchandise bought by Teigen.

“I was honestly in complete shock,” Hernandez shared. “There were so many people who wrote to her asking for wish lists to be bought and I was overjoyed knowing our school would get resources like this. I was so excited to be able to get some fun items to sit on, more books about equality, as well as a couple series the kids always ask for.

“I am still pretty shocked but so happy that this all goes back to the kids. I am beyond thankful for what she did for our school and our students. It was truly a blessing in these tough times.”

Hernandez, who has been with South Whittier School District for five years, shared that the school received bean bags last year for her bookworm reading club and she quickly realized how focused they became while reading in a more comfortable space.

“I wanted to get more seating for them to be able to relax and open a good book. The students deserve a place to relax and unwind after a day in class so making the space to their liking is important to me. Receiving books that they are interested in also helps because it promotes them to read and actually encourages them to pick up a book

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