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AAUW honors middle school girls

WHITTIER – Greater Whittier AAUW honored four Tech Trek girls from East Whittier Middle School, and four girls from Graves Middle School by giving each girl a new iPad to enable them access to important resources, programs etc. for their current and future studies.

The girls were celebrated in the parking lots of their respective schools on May 26 and May 27.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) had to cancel their Tech Trek STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) camp for selected girls entering 8th grade due to COVID-19.
Tech Trek is an AAUW sponsored STEM camp which takes place during the summer on various college campuses across the nation. Whittier College and Greater Whittier AAUW were instrumental in establishing this national program over 20 years ago.

Whittier girls are a portion of the 60-70 girls at the Whittier College camp, who live in the campus dorms and attend classes and field trips in STEM subjects throughout the week. GWA-AAUW believes the gift of an iPad would honor and encourage each girl to continue her academic quest.

Girls honored are:

E.Whittier awardees w Tech Trek

East Whittier Middle School honorees

From East Whittier Middle School
Alina Bernabe
Melanie Meza
Sarah Sanchez
Emma Solorio


Graves, Amberjoy Hewitt, Kaitlyn Dabasol, Grace Carnalla, Erika Rodriguez Benavides

Graves Middle School honorees.

From Graves Middle School
Grace Carnalla
Kaitlyn Dabasol
Amberjoy Hewitt
Erika Rodriguez Benavides

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