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A welcome from the mayor

WHITTIER – Hi everyone and welcome to the inaugural column of the Mayor’s Message in Whittier’s new newspaper, the Greenleaf Guardian.

Whittier residents have missed the upfront and closely viewed details of our community from a newspaper perspective. I am pleased that the Greenleaf Guardian is making a commitment to cover the nitty gritty of our small (88,000 population) town. I applaud a newspaper reporting on those small details that make Whittier the great place it is…why people come to Whittier and call it “home.”

For the readers I will have a weekly “Mayor’s Message” detailing and focusing on issues, nuances and other items that the people need to know. We will have some fun things, some serious things and lots of interesting things to talk about. And of course, the Mayor is wide open to any ideas that you, the readers, want to share.

So, thanks Greenleaf Guardian for focusing on Whittier and let’s give a tip of our Quaker hat to our new neighbor and support the Greenleaf Guardian!

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